The Expo

Thank you to everyone for participating in the inagural 2023 NorCal Film Expo. We had a a massive turnout with over 300 attendees. A huge thank you to our amazing vendors, sponsors, speakers and partners! Please take a look at the 2023 participants below. See you all in May!

The NorCal Film Expo aims to showcase innovative services designed for filmmakers, VFX artists, animators, game devs, and other creatives in Northern California.


Our goal is to provide a platform for networking, collaboration, and innovation amongst industry professionals and our next generation of aspiring creatives alike.


The expo show floor will showcase a diverse range of cutting edge services and resources tailored to meet the needs of our trades.

2023 Speakers

Mark S. Allen

Sacramento Film & TV Producer


Jennifer West

Sacramento Film Commissioner


Shawn Sullivan

2023 Partners
2023 Vendors
2023 Sponsors
What to expect

The expo date, schedule, and location are subject to change.