The Expo

The inaugural NorCal Film Expo aims to showcase innovative services designed for filmmakers, VFX artists, animators, game devs, and other creatives in Northern California.


Our goal is to provide a platform for networking, collaboration, and innovation amongst industry professionals and our next generation of aspiring creatives alike.


The expo show floor will showcase a diverse range of cutting edge services and resources tailored to meet the needs of our trades.

Schedule & Presentations

Doors Open 12pm

Camera Kitchen Facility Tour 3pm

Dave Bunge Grip Services 4pm

Keynote Speakers 5pm


5:30pm Omega Cinema Inc. Unreal LED Wall

6:30pm Movella & SuperAlloy

Unreal Virtual Production & Performance Capture

8pm Mixer

10pm Doors Close




Mark S. Allen

Sacramento Film & TV Producer


Jennifer West

Sacramento Film Commissioner


Shawn Sullivan

Our Partners
Our Vendors
Our Sponsors
What to expect

The NorCal Film Expo floor will open at 12pm and close at 9pm on September 9th. During the expo you will be able to get hands on with our vendors, take part in demos, ask questions, and network with peers. Each hour there will be presentations given by our vendors and partners. Don’t worry, you will be able to attend each presentation! We will pause our presentations halfway through the event to hear from our keynote speakers. To end the night we will close up our booths and have a mixer!